3 Benefits of Corporate Workspace Mural Painting

Corporate Wall Mural Painting for Startups and Offices

Corporate mural painting is a growing trend in corporate interior design and decoration. The benefits of decorated walls in the workplace are becoming more and more important lately, often exceeding expectations not only from a visual and corporate branding perspective but also by positively impacting business and employee performance.

According to research on the subject like the one by Kalyan V. Meola with the University of Hawaii at Hilo (details here), corporate visual elements, including colors, can have an influence on employee behavior, productivity levels, moods and attitudes. Therefore, the psychological effects of wall colors in workspaces and employees (or visitors in the case of shared corporate spaces) are an important consideration when creating a perceived room temperature and ambiance.

At Wall and Wall (visit our “offices” section for examples), after having worked with many companies (from small startups to some of the largest corporations) designing wall decorations that not only fully represent each brand but also inspire specific moods and attitudes, we have spotted the following 5 benefits of corporate workspace mural painting:

1) Promote Corporate Identity, Culture, and Values: Mural paintings are the perfect expression of a company's culture, mission and values - so go on, express yourself! Dedicating time to sharing them in detail with your designer is key to capturing the adequate style and making sure wall decorations "breathe" the corporate identity. Adding a corporate logo to a colored wall is only the beginning!

2) Make it Fun, Make it Memorable: People tend to remember the fun and happy moments in life, right? By incorporating a touch of happiness in mural designs, you're increasing the impact on your viewers. Who wouldn't want to leave a lasting impression on employees and visitors, even long after they've left the office?!

3) The Power of Color: Research has proven that colors impact our minds and attitude. Choosing the correct color palette for each space is key to maximize the effects of corporate wall decorating. Ask yourself - how do I want people to feel when they step into the kitchen, reception lobby, a meeting room, etc.? When combining the right colors, you're bringing out the desired moods and attitudes for any given space; it can make a difference in terms of adding character and influencing people's minds.

The above are only a small selection of benefits that corporate mural painting can bring to startups and corporations of any kind. Can you think of more? We here at Wall and Wall have our list, but we like to keep a level of intrigue so we're hoping to see some comments below.

If you work in a startup/corporate environment, do your walls have existing mural paintings? If yes, how do they change your work environment? If no, how does your space feel to you?

Please share your thoughts with us!

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