Which is the Best Custom Wall Decoration for your Office?

Office Decoration: Mural Paintings vs. Movable Panels

In recent years, companies (from small startups to large corporations) have increasingly been investing in wall decorations in order to create comfortable workspaces for their employees. Wall and Wall believe there are many reasons for this trend (check our blog post on Benefits of Corporate Mural Painting).

For the purpose of this post, we would like to focus on the 2 most popular wall decoration services requested from Wall and Wall: hand-painted wall murals and movable panels (initially intended to be hung on company walls). From this perspective, the first key element to consider is mobility.

Let's talk about mobility first. For obvious reasons, a hand-painted mural that's done directly on a wall can't be moved from one location to another. If a company moves offices, movable panels are relatively easy to transport. Of course, this all depends on the dimensions of the piece, but if we're talking about a piece of art for branded purposes at corporate events, trade shows, etc., wouldn't it make sense to be able to move that panel so it can be displayed in different locations?

On the flip side, we've seen the direct impact of wall decorations that are painted on permanent walls in the workspace - especially those covering most, if not the entire wall. In these cases, companies achieve better results in terms of creating the desired environment since they're fully integrated into the surroundings of the room. Movable panels can be designed so they're barely noticeable as hanging works of art, which also gives them their relevance in positively affecting the workplace environment.

If you're trying to decide whether your office or work space would be better suited with a hand-painted permanent mural or a movable panel (or maybe even both?) we've come up with some questions for you to ask yourselves:

  • How many rooms or workspaces do we want to decorate? How many walls in total?

  • What are the moods or attitudes we’re looking to highlight with wall decoration?

  • Does our company organize/attend many events or tradeshows?

  • Does our company plan to reorganize its rooms and seating plans or move offices in the next few years?

If your company is very active in terms of events/tradeshows or expecting significant growth in headcount, movable panels could be the best option for your office wall decorating needs. We recommend the colors in the panel align with the colors of the background wall on which it'll hang. On the other hand, if your company doesn’t have a strong need for external marketing or branding materials, hand-painted murals may be the most appropriate choice for obtaining the maximum benefits of your office wall decorations.

In any case, at Wall and Wall we are experts in wall decorations of all kinds and can guide you to find the most suitable decorative solutions for your workspace. Feel free to reach out directly or leave a comment with your questions or feedback on your experience with office wall decorations; we’d love to hear from you!  

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