Intro: We are Wall and Wall

Wall and Wall Team in San Francisco, California

Who are Wall and Wall, you may ask? We are a space design and mural painting company. Our unique approach to connecting people with their office, home, kids room, event spaces, and more goes above and beyond your average piece of art. At Wall and Wall we place equal emphasis on design and painted artwork, as well as a requirement for an understanding of standard business practice and project management.

Why do we feel wall art is relevant in today’s market? Allow us to enlighten you from our perspective.

Offices/Startups: Businesses move into new office spaces all the time. Companies perform an office refresh on occasion to update their look and feel. Traditional workspaces can feel bland and boring. Along with company benefits and perks, the startup culture has brought forth a wave of young and hip environments that encourage their employees to stick around  – sure, it may seem ‘cool’ to purchase framed copies of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ or an enlarged black and white print of the Eiffel Tower, but where’s the uniqueness in that? Why not increase productivity in your team with bespoke, edgy, customized wall art that inspires interactivity.

Events/Conferences/Tradeshows: By having a booth, backdrop, stage, set, display or banner designed to help you promote your services and products with confidence, you’re making a statement that you think outside the box. Events like these are, typically, a one-time deal so you want to make sure yours is eye-catching and memorable. And we believe murals aren’t just for walls. They’re also for displays that can be stationary or moveable. We want to know about the product or service you want to promote, the audience you want to attract; we love putting together a made-to-measure display for your event that’ll draw a crowd. 

Kids Rooms: Giving little ones the gift of imagination and education is priceless. We’re all about exclusive custom designed murals for nurseries, kids and teens that can grow with your child. The mind of a child is easily impressionable. Every word, sound, and image creates an impact on our youth. Dream room makeovers are our specialty and we love giving children a reason to beam from ear to ear.

Homes: We believe there’s no place like home, wouldn’t you agree? Your home is your sanctuary, your safe-haven; a place to entertain, engage, relax, work, play, dance and laugh. Swap out that drab wallpaper for a customized hand-painted mural to impress your guests. Our professional and trusted team will make your home the most desired house on the block.

2016 is looking to be a pioneer year for this company of young and fun professionals. With new team members and some of the world’s largest global companies on its client list, Wall and Wall are set to take the design world to new heights.

Our website paints a picture of our style and company culture. We love what we do and take great care in understanding what makes people and their spaces tick in order to help tell a story and make walls talk.

Now that you know more about us, we hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming blog posts, which will aim to share our thoughts on the demands and trends we’re seeing in the art/design world for offices, events, kids rooms and homes.

Thanks for reading! 

We are Wall and Wall: Where Art Meets Wall