HOMES > The Living Room


The theme of the mural painting of this hall is connected with certain film sets, specifically western films. Replace the prevailing red color on the walls of the room for a more neutral gamma, deep garnet color.

On the front wall, we painted a mural that recreates the western saloon. This idea fits well with the purpose to transform the room into a space for dinners and parties, as Maribel told us. In the mural that represents the saloon, we incorporated two-dimensional elements: a wooden bar and a long horizontal mirror. The bar allows you to rest a glass, cups, bottles, like a mini-bar, while the mirror expands the space of the room and gives it more depth. Moreover, these two elements intensify the illusion of being in the scene of a saloon. On the wall above the piano, we project only two glasses in white line in the same themed style.