NVIDIA mural

Santa Clara, CA 

Our graffiti artists for hire were excited when we were commissioned to paint bold and colorful graffiti lettering on the main wall of NVIDIA’s Santa Clara campus cafeteria. We are careful to consider all of our client’s needs through the process or designing and painting murals for offices and workspaces, and this includes using special low odor spraypaint designed to be used indoors. When we use spraypaint to paint an indoor office mural, we are able to work quickly and create vibrant murals due to the unique nature of spraypaint. We use a combination of materials in our mural work, and are attntive to the project parameters and client needs in discussing the qualities of each artist material with our clients to shoose the right tool for the job.

We love talking about our work process and how we can work with clients to create office murals that are truly one-of-a-kind.


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