US Food Live Mural

Livermore, CA | 2016

US Foods is one of the USA’s leading foodservice distributors, serving more than 250,000 clients. To promote their services and quality products, they organize multiple events around the country where they invite thousands of people from the food industry to taste and listen to the latest trends.

In this occasion, they reached out to Wall and Wall since they wanted to create a 40 feet wide live mural that would entertain the event guests during the day with representations of the major food categories and also a reference to their main target client, chefs! We prepared a robust structure that could be exposed between the 2 main event buildings at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, and choose a plexiglass material since it enabled the Wall and Wall artists to paint from the back of the canvas, showcasing the mural completely without having artists covering parts of it.

The result was a super mural full of color that came alive throughout the day and helped make the event even more memorable for all attendees and organizers!



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