We are a team of passionate designers and artists who use voice and visual storytelling to create inspiring spaces that drive change, foster creativity, and generate empathy and community interaction.

Meet the team

Ferran Torras
Founder & Art Director
Ferran is a multi-disciplinary artist from Catalonia with a background in design and illustration. Now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ferran founded Wall and Wall mural painting company in 2015 and has worked with clients such as Capital One, Kiva, WeWork, Google, and Facebook. As a muralist, he combines the worlds of art and technology to create immersive interactive experiences.
Eli The Man
Eli The Man is a multi-faceted visual artist with a background in painting and printmaking. His style is derived from spontaneity, humor, play, and fluid motion. In addition to his mural collaborations with Wall and Wall he works regularly as a designer, fabricator, finisher, and art restorer.
D.J. Schmidt
D.J. Schmidt is a muralist/signpainter, oil painter and illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. He is passionate about the classic and clean aesthetics of traditional signpainting, and his work draws influences from the worlds of graffiti, tattooing, figurative realism and the golden age of illustration.
Mark Romero
Illustrator & Writter
Mark Romero is an illustrator artist who is inspired by the Mesoamerican civilizations and cultures of Latin America. His main medium of choice is graphite and he brings a contemporary touch to ancient ceramics and sculptures of Mesoamerica. Influenced by anthropology, he is motivated to create connections with local communities and the arts. He is also an educator who has 8+ years working with students as young as toddlers, all the way up to high school students.
Kat Poteet
Kat Poteet is an artist and muralist living and working in the Los Angeles area. Her work has been seen in multiple LACDQ's, both LA Times and Interior magazines, and TV and film productions, such as Making the Cut and Swimming With Sharks. Kat continues to seek opportunities to learn and expand her use of medium through story writing, multimedia projects, painting, and sculpture.

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