Back To The Office: Designing Memorable Brand Experiences Through Mural Art

As most Human Resources departments (and management teams in general) already know, shifting from remote work to either hybrid or 100% in-person models is not an easy task. Employees have been working from home for about 18 months and, in the same way that the sudden change to fully remote work was a shock to their day-to-day lives, coming back to the office will likely have an impact on their mood, behavior, etc.
For this reason, taking time to thoroughly plan and prepare this “back to the office” transition is definitely something for companies to consider; it will help facilitate employee engagement and help minimize the potential negative implications of the change. In this regard, art is especially useful as it not only fills a space with color but also conveys a certain mood. For instance, if the main office areas are designed following the company’s brand guidelines but with a creative and lighthearted style, the art will stimulate a positive experience for visitors, making the space feel both warm and inviting. This will simultaneously generate the desired mood within the space and increase brand recognition and engagement with the space (and therefore the organization).
For those companies with multiple office locations, designing murals with a shared theme will contribute to a sense of belonging and generate a “tribe” effect that strengthens bonds and engagement among peers no matter their physical location. As mentioned in previous posts, there are multiple corporate mural styles, many of which can be combined depending on the specific space (lobby, office spaces, stairways, alleys, rest areas, etc.). A company can even use identical “journey mappings” in multiple offices to consolidate a solid brand identity and completely transform common offices into real brand experiences where employees and even customers will love to spend their time.
Wall and Wall x Astound
It’s especially important at this crucial moment to take care of the “not so small” details that can facilitate logistical changes for employees, especially if they are also opportunities to continue shaping and reinforcing the corporate identity. At Wall and Wall, we have lots of experience guiding and helping companies in their mission to create unique brand experiences in their offices and at their corporate events, and we are eager to continue that work now that the situation demands truly colorful, creative, and immersive experiences more than ever.
If you feel like your organization can better manage their “welcome back” program for employees returning to in-person work at the office, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to chat about your project and see how we can help it materialize into a success for employees, customers, and your brand!