Virtual Murals

There are many ways to engage an audience from a distance. At Wall and Wall we offer our clients the chance to integrate custom virtual murals into their virtual symposiums, meetups, webinars, and any other digital events.
How does it work?
The company hosts a virtual event and poses a question to the audience. Users submit their responses electronically. The chosen answers are hand-painted onto a mural by our team as the audience watches. As a result, the company has a unique, custom mural created through meaningful team collaboration.
What is the goal?
The goal is two-fold: to engage the audience while generating brand awareness. Whether the audience includes clients/prospects, providers, or employees, the best way to engage an audience is to solicit information from them.
Is the project customized?
The client can choose between a virtual live streaming event (if the client has chosen to deliver a live experience) or pre-recorded event to be viewed at a later date.
Wall and Wall x Vonage
Recent virtual live streaming events have included:
  • Wall and Wall created a live mural during their recent virtual event. Conference attendees contributed their ideas electronically, which were then incorporated into the piece, creating a custom branded experience.
  • 2U: During their live multi-day event, Wall and Wall crafted a custom mural inspired by the company’s branding.
If a pre-recorded method is the best option, Wall and Wall partners with to communicate with the audience.
In all cases, will provide the unique branded URL where users will  offer their contributions on the company’s chosen topic.
Wall and Wall x MedscapeLIVE!
How is it done?
Once the company has chosen between all the user submissions, the mural production process starts:
  • Format: the company can choose whether it wants Wall and Wall to create the mural on-site or virtually (if so, Wall and Wall will digitally deliver the high resolution image and recording of the mural painting process).
  • Timing: the first day is dedicated to the creation of the mural design as well as the background. On the second day, the submissions chosen by the company are reflected on the mural.

No matter which format works best for your event and corporate image, Wall and Wall will act as a partner in the planning process, providing professional advice while adapting our expertise to fit your needs.