Creative and Cool Wall Art Ideas to Help Complete Your Home’s Style

Wall art can unify a room’s style- whether you have a modern home, a minimalist interior, or rustic farmhouse décor. That may mean choosing a black and white print to complete a space or having an artist create a custom and colorful mural to complement a neutral room. No matter your design aesthetic or home style, there are unique and cool wall art ideas to help tie your space together.

To help you find the perfect wall art for your space, we’ve reached out to artists living in Seattle, WA all the way to Toronto, CA for their most creative advice. That way, you can choose the perfect wall art that will not only suit your personality but also complete your home.

Glass art always impresses. When choosing the right art for your home, many people think of traditional versus modern, but sometimes featuring a unique medium like glass is even more striking. With glass, many traditionally choose stained-glass as a way to introduce art in the home, but painting or digitally printing on glass opens up unlimited possibilities. Also consider carved textures or sandblasted glass to give it even more vibrancy. – Andrew LeJune, General Manager at Glass and Mirror Outlet

Wall art should vibe with your home. Make sure that the art you choose to place on your wall reflects your vibe or the vibe you want your space to have. – Marcine Kiessling, Artworks by Marcine

Choose art that you have a connection with. We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home lately, so it’s even more important to look at the four walls with pure pleasure and joy. Keep it personal, don’t follow passing trends. Find art that you connect with, connect with the artist and talk to them – they may even offer commissions that make a piece even more special to you and last longer on your wall and in your life. – Manoela Grigorova, Mojo & Muse

Shape and panel configurations make a big difference. When it comes to choosing distinctive artwork, carefully consider shape and panel configurations. We are all used to seeing a single horizontal rectangle on the wall. A unique way to create visual impact is to change the orientation, shape, and number of panels that creates the artwork. – Kyle Franklin Neuberger, Franklin Arts

Start with figuring out your preferred design style and then choose a design that aligns with that and the rest of your home. Then, pick a statement wall and make sure to measure the space beforehand; the wall art shouldn’t take up the entire wall but you also don’t want too much open space. Lastly, have fun with your home – instead of going for a regular painting, go for a metal one. – Sofya Portnoy, LaserCutArts Inc.

Choose what you like first. If you see something that does not give you emotions or a feeling of pleasure when you buy it, then do not hang it on your wall. It’s your home, your design and the money you spend on your wall décor. While it’s common for family members to compromise in their selections, that absolutely does not mean you need décor that doesn’t fit your style. You live in your home, so take advantage of the rooms you have, to decorate your walls. – My Wall Clock

Think color, texture, and personality. For a unique and whimsical outcome we recommend dressing up your walls with a splash of color, a dash of texture, and a hint of your own personality. An authentic German cuckoo clock from Bavarian Clockworks may be just what the design doctor ordered, as modern day cuckoo clocks offer many different design choices each with their own hand-crafted artistic flair. As an added bonus they introduce a little entertainment and interactivity that can go a long way to liven up any living space. – Robert Ellis, Director of Operations at Bavarian Clockworks

Murals can enhance any space. Just as there are various styles found in any category of fine art or interior design, there are many different styles of murals used to enhance a space and transform its vibe completely. From abstract to illustrative or even interactive, each style tells a different story and conveys a unique feeling and ambiance. At Wall and Wall we always study the space, the people who will enjoy it and especially the message that the owner wants to transmit before suggesting a specific mural style, as each aspect makes a distinct impact on both its environment and audience. – Ferran Torras, Wall and Wall

Wall and Wall x Google
Wall and Wall x Google

Think of destinations and places that inspire you. One of the best ways to decorate the walls in your home is with destination-inspired artwork. Whether you choose art that helps you reminisce about a special place or opt to display a piece that stokes your wanderlust for your next trip, map art stirs the senses. Travel-themed wall hangings are also great conversation starters when family or friends come to visit. – Best World Map Art

Black and white photographic art can make your space stand out. As photographers, we think black and white photographic art can add real punch to your living space – it’s colour neutral, and works well in lots of ways. We’re fans of geometric lines and shape and seek them out, and they can add really interesting talking points to your room. Take this example called Mirror Image, which has so much depth but is a simple set of lines and reflections. – Northwall Gallery

Keep away from choosing art based on color, and pick something that captures your heart. Colors schemes change, but the heart makes the home. And always choose the bigger size, the world is littered with people who chose the smaller size to save money, regretted the smaller size, and went back to buy the larger piece. – William Drew, William Drew Photography

Consider when and/or whether you plan on moving. It’s more practical and economical to invest in quality, small-to-medium works that are easier to ship or fit into moving vehicles. For example, if you would like to fill an entire wall, it may be in your best interest to create a gallery wall or hang three to four complementary works, rather than hang a wall-sized artwork. – Clark L. Edmond, Living Deep + Crate

Family photos are a classic staple. As a newborn and family photographer, I believe the best art to display on your walls is photos of your family. My favorite ideas are large, poster-sized prints of your kids in black & white, a statement gallery wall full of your favorite photos printed on stand-out boards, or photos printed on unique materials such as wood or metal. Your children, pets, and family members are art subjects you’ll never tire of. – Emily Ann Photography

Artwork should complement your décor. When choosing artwork to hang in your home, it should be something that creates an emotional impact on the viewer. Have you thought about framing your existing bare bathroom mirrors? With the correct frame to compliment or contrast your existing décor, framing a mirror can truly change the entire look of your bathroom and give you that emotional impact that will have your prospective buyer thinking about your house all day. – MirrorChic

Originally published by Redfin