Interactive Wall Mural Case Study: Projection Mapping x Prologis

Prologis and Wall and Wall have partnered for quite a few projects, and the latest marries art and interactive mapping to create a truly innovative experience for Prologis’ staff and clients. The company wanted to create a unique experience to showcase their new warehouse facility to their audience, and Wall and Wall had the tools to bring it to life.
The space is a  brand new 1,120,082 square foot state-of-the-art facility ready to be leased at the International Park of Commerce in Tracy, CA. It comes equipped with ample parking and modern features such as a 50-foot clear height, 10-inch reinforced concrete floors, a cross-load design, and a customizable office space. The warehouse's central location provides access to main highways I-580, I-205, and I-5, as well as proximity to BNSF and Union Pacific intermodal yards, allowing for increased logistical efficiency. This innovative structure is one of the first buildings of its kind, paving the way for the future of the industrial real estate.

After a brief initial discussion about the project, the Wall and Wall team immediately appreciated the goal and started to envision a modern approach to presenting the property.
The objective was to provide Prologis with an interactive map of the warehouse facility, yet the trusting nature of the relationship between both parties allowed for the Wall and Wall team to run with their ideas.
Photos by RMW
Although Wall and Wall are mostly known for corporate murals, innovation (in materials, techniques, creative styles, etc.) and technology have also taken center stage in many previous projects. This was the perfect opportunity to develop another state-of-the-art interactive mapping experience for an experienced client. Luckily, the connection between the Prologis and Wall and Wall teams, along with top-notch architects from RMW Architecture Interiors, was far beyond expectation, and Wall and Wall designed an extraordinary artistic presentation and developed custom software technology to be projected with best-in-class products set up by the team at Linx.
All in all, the pieces of the puzzle came together easily to meet this relatively complex business need. The Prologis marketing and sales departments are thrilled to utilize this cutting-edge interactive projection mapping tool with their customers. The images and testimonial video leave little doubt that this was not just another project, but one that really had an impact on the space! We are looking forward to future Prologis projects that continue to leverage Wall and Wall’s capacity to innovate through a blend of art and professionalism.  
Photos by RMW