Mural Cost and Pricing: Tips to Make the Most of Your Budget

If you’ve never hired a mural company or artist before, you may have no idea how much a hand-painted mural is going to cost you. There are many aspects that affect a mural price – some companies may charge higher rates per square foot than others, which means nothing if you don’t know what you are comparing. Therefore, here’s a list of characteristics to bear in mind when analyzing different proposals:
  • The project dimensions will directly affect the cost. If a large mural is needed, the level of complexity can be reduced to balance pricing. To achieve this equilibrium, several methods can be helpful. For instance, a large, more simple painting can be designed with fewer elements in order to lower the price per square foot and fit tighter budgets.
  • Complexity is another aspect that will directly affect the price of a hand-painted mural. If you need to go for a less costly option, consider an impactful but monochromatic composition.
  • In a mural painting project, design fees are included. This includes a certain number of sketches based on the initial briefing as well as several iterations. Starting with a clear idea and using timely, direct communication with the muralist can save you money!
  • There are other related costs that cannot be reduced. Most likely a wall needs to be treated before painting can begin. Designers and muralists are professionals who know well the products they need to use. Trying to reduce these costs may result in incorrect preparation and therefore in a low-quality mural (which also means wasted time and money).
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How much do muralists charge for a wall mural?
There are two ways of defining fees. You can either find square foot rates between $10 and $50 (the most common rates are from $15 to $35, unless the mural is very small) or hourly rates that are commonly set between $50 and $100. Generally, it’s best to choose a square foot rate as that number can be clearly defined at the outset of the project, while the speed of the muralist can vary considerably depending on the artist.

Is the mural production cost the same as the overall mural price?
First of all, we have to understand who the cost is affecting, since the cost for the muralist is not the same as the cost for the client.
The muralist’s costs can include painting materials, van rentals or flights, and other fixed costs, plus of course the time dedicated to designing and painting the mural. The client’s costs will include the aforementioned costs plus indirect costs (not being able to make use of the space while the mural is being painted) and obviously the muralist’s margins… that’s what business is about, right? Additionally, some projects have added costs that need to be factored into the overall price (e.g., permits are required in some locations for outdoor murals).
Wall and Wall strongly recommends not only comparing prices and proposals, but also understanding what added value different mural companies provide for each project. Once this analysis has been made, the different points covered in this article will help you to better adapt the mural price to your needs and budget. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further advice.