Movable Murals

Murals are a profound form of art that can be dated back to prehistoric times. They can be defined as artwork that is created by working on a vertical wall, ceiling or any flat surface. It’s a style that was popularized by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and that grew rapidly in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, transforming it into an art form that could be used for political discourse. Today, murals are still very popular, especially in big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.
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Many companies are using murals as a way to decorate their office space, hoping to encapsulate their mission and identity through this art form. Murals in the workspace could be used to decorate the office space but also be used as backdrops at company events. This can also motivate employees by creating a happy and fun environment, instead of having a typical white wall decor.

In some instances, companies have to relocate and the best way to take a mural with you to a new office space is by ensuring that the mural is removable or movable. How can a mural be movable? Instead of creating the mural on a permanent wall space, you can use wood panels, either attached to wheels or mounted to a wall. This provides the option to move the mural to a new space, an outdoor event, or used to capture a moment for social media.

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The advantage of having a movable mural is that the artwork that you invested in is not bound to one specific spot or office space. It is important for clients to bring the mural with them especially if they dedicated time and effort with Wall and Wall to create a unique mural that is representative of their company.
To summarize, murals are a great way to bring joy and inspiration to an office space. It can inspire companies and its employees to continue creating and thinking out of the box as well as boost work morale. At the same time, taking advantage of your investment by getting a movable mural can be beneficial long term. You can bring the mural with you if the office needs to relocate amongst other situations or events that a mural will be useful in.
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