Lettering is the art of drawing letters, usually with pen, graphite, or brushes. Lettering artists create a specific combination of letterforms and designs, created for a specific and one time usage. Lettering can also be a common theme in murals arts, graphic design, or identity branding. Not only does Lettering give a company or a project character or personality, it can give viewers their first impression of something. For example, have you ever seen a mural that may have a state’s capital lettered and filled in with famous landmarks found in that city? This popular design can give a clear representation of a city’s famous landmarks, cultural events, and uniqueness.

Lettering can be seen in a corporate setting, boosting team morale and as a representation of the company itself. Lettering has also been heavily intertwined with graffiti art and culture. Graffiti artists have used inner cities as their canvas; twisting, distorting, and illustrating letters of the alphabet for decades. In general, using Lettering in murals can invoke emotions and meaningful messages.

Wall and Wall x TuneIn

Color palette can strongly influence the overall mood or tone of the Lettering design. There has been much research on how marketing uses color combinations to influence buyers in a positive manner. For example, cool colors, like blue, make people feel more trusting of a brand. Red is a more aggressive color but makes items seem more attractive. Keep in mind your target audience, especially that every color can be interpreted differently, depending on cultural background and artistic influences.

Wall and Wall x Omada

In short, Lettering can be powerful, especially when it comes to murals. Historically it has been used in many different art forms and even today, many artists use lettering via digital platforms, enhancing each letter and making it unique. Because Lettering is an umbrella term for other artforms, it will continue to grow and inspire the world and how we perceive words.