CanvasRebel Interview

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by CanvasRebel, where I shared insights into my creative journey and the intricacies of moving to another country and establishing my own company. Transitioning from side gigs to a full-time muralist, I've taken immense pride in sustaining Wall and Wall for over nine years. My journey has seen a significant evolution, from painting offices to offering interactive murals and brand activations. As a creative, the flexibility of my schedule and the freedom to engage with clients during installs and live events bring me fulfillment.

But while I've found joy and fulfillment in my journey, it's clear that many still underestimate the value of artistic careers. Society needs to appreciate the expertise and dedication that artists bring to the table. Let's encourage and support the pursuit of creative passions—it's what keeps the world colorful and vibrant.

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