Community Murals

Collaboration with Skyline High School

Community Murals are usually found in settings such as schools, churchs, or community centers or even on the side of a building. These are usually places where the people from the community come together to coexist and feel a sense of home.

Collaboration with Skyline High School

When creating a public mural, it's important to include members of the community because it gives them a platform to be heard. They get the opportunity to express their identity, what their community represents, and what is most important for them. A collaborative effort with people from the community is also crucial because they are the  ones who have to interact with the mural on a daily basis. These murals can create a sense of pride and boost morale, especially when their perspective and efforts were taken seriously throughout the creative process.

A community mural that Wall and Wall recently worked on was with the students at Skyline High School in Oakland, CA. About 90 students were involved in this collaborative effort and they were able to paint their own artwork on a school wall that needed a refreshing change. Wall and Wall then incorporated an effective technique by masking letters and painting the surrounding areas to ensure that the main focus was the students’ artwork. The students were excited to see the final product of their work but also felt proud that they were able to represent their school’s art department with this mural.

Wall and Wall x Skyline High School in Oakland

Lastly, community murals can strengthen the people and their relationships in those communities by using art as an expressive language. Representation is greatly appreciated by these communities, especially when they can relate to the depicted themes and situations, in these murals, that are common in their day to day life.