Capital One 

San Francisco, CA | 2016

Capital One is one of the largest banks in the US if not the world, and their innovation team is always ready for action! In this case, they approached Wall and Wall since they were planning a pop-up store event at their "not-so-famous" San Francisco office and wanted to completely renew the space to make it shine for the occasion!

Since the main goals of the event were to discover the essential gadgets anyone could use during their day and at the same time showcase their innovations while permitting access to their secret lab, we agreed on using doodles as the common artwork and also use some outlined panels to cover "the real thing".

Wall and Wall designed the event cards and filled with fun doodles the whole space, starting from the huge exterior glass mirrors, climbing up the entrance stairs, and decorating the 4 different stages prepared for visitors and Capital One staff. Even the furniture ended up full of doodles.

Great team, great ideas, great execution!



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