Alchemy HQ, San Francisco

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San Francisco
Bryon Christmas
Alchemy, a developer platform that enables companies to build scalable and reliable decentralized applications, approached us with the task of creating a mural for their downtown San Francisco office. They sought graphics that could effectively communicate their brand, character, and values.
Working collaboratively with Angelina Russell and Ramiro Cardozo, we brainstormed and developed the concept of an Alchemy Universe, a vibrant world that represents the cryptocurrency industry with a San Francisco flair. One side of the mural was designed specifically for selfies, adding an element of interactivity to the artwork.
The result is a playful, cartoonish masterpiece that integrates some of Alchemy's branding and key characteristics. The mural accurately conveys Alchemy's youthful and innovative nature, and it's sure to be a hit among employees and visitors alike.
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