Thumbtack HQ

Office spaces
San Francisco, CA.

At Wall and Wall mural company, our mission is to collaborate with our clients to ensure their vision is fully realized in a stunning office mural. So when Thumbtack, a San Francisco-based startup that matches consumers with local service professionals, approached us, we were thrilled to help bring their office space to life.

Our team of skilled mural artists designed a vibrant wall display for Thumbtack’s main conference room, using their branded color palette to create a fun and dynamic look. To represent Thumbtack’s focus on connecting customers with skilled professionals across a wide range of industries, we incorporated a thumbtack icon into the design, filling it with colorful illustrations that showcase various personal projects that Thumbtack customers might need help with, from photography and baking to learning new musical instruments and fitness. The result is a playful yet professional custom mural that reflects Thumbtack’s brand identity and values while energizing their workspace.

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