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Earlier this year, we had the privilege of collaborating with DCE Agency on behalf of their client, Electronic Arts. Their request was for us to create a large lettering display using remote controller buttons in EA's branded colors, with a stunning purple gradient finish. Moreover, the installation needed to be mounted directly onto the client's office wall, which meant that we had to paint, set up, and transport it from our shop.This project presented one of the most significant challenges we have ever faced, requiring meticulous planning and numerous design iterations to ensure that we could execute the client's requests seamlessly.Our first and most crucial decision was to devise a strategy for efficiently attaching the buttons to the wall. Given that we had to do this over 3,500 times, speed was of the essence. After careful consideration, we decided to transform the buttons into thumbtacks to streamline the process.The process involved several critical steps, including transforming the buttons into thumbtacks, priming and painting them, adding the gradient finish, transporting them to the client's location, and finally assembling them onto the wall.We are thrilled to present the final product, showcasing its awe-inspiring size and intricate details. Over the next few days, we will be sharing a comprehensive breakdown of our creative process in achieving this challenging installation.

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