Organic Valley - Four Locations

Event painting
Organic Valley
NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Denver
D.J. Schmidt

Organic Valley stands as both an organic food brand and an independent cooperative of organic farmers, proudly holding the distinction of being the nation's largest farmer-owned organic cooperative and one of the world's foremost organic consumer brands.

In a strategic move to connect directly with consumers, Organic Valley strategically executed a dynamic activation by hosting pop-up events in four locations over two weekends. The concept entailed commissioning four distinct paintings, each crafted in a cohesive style to represent an existing farm. Throughout these events, the owners of each featured farm were personally present, providing firsthand insights into how Organic Valley collaborates with them and supports the journey of bringing organic dairy from their farms to consumers' shelves.

Remarkably, each painting was completed within a single day, contributing to the success of this immersive and informative consumer engagement initiative.

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