TuneIn - NYC

Office spaces
New York City
Donald C. Schmidt
TuneIn's recent expansion presented us with a new opportunity to collaborate with them. This marks our third project with them, and each time we work together, it gets better! We are thrilled that TuneIn approached us once again, this time with the objective of beautifying their NYC office.
The focal point of the mural is located in a main, central space within their office. It features a statement piece that encapsulates TuneIn's values and brand colors. The office's dominant white elements, gray furniture pieces, and modern light fixtures are perfectly complemented by the mural's vibrant color scheme, which enhances the overall space without overwhelming it.
Working with the TuneIn team was a great experience, and we hope to continue our collaboration with them in the future. Keep an eye out for more exciting projects to come!
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