Explainly - HQ

Office spaces
Sausalito, CA.
John Thomas Mark Romero
Explainly specializes in animated video production with a top notch team that can deliver the best quality artwork for your business. They offer services from 2D animations, Infographics, Live Action Videos, etc.

Explainly just moved to their new location in Sausalito, which has a very industrial-looking space and surroundings. We tried to combine their fun company culture and dynamic branding with a loose style that speaks to their young, yet professional and skilled team.

We created three murals in their space, keeping in mind that all three murals should speak to their brand and be cohesive within the space and incorporate their colors.

In the main space mural, the Explainly logo is displayed using the negative space created by a mesh of doodles with items related with the video industry. The final look gives the space a fun and young look, as well as a fun "Easter egg" experience for their staff and clients.

Next to this wall we had the opportunity to install a more directional graphic based on the retro arcade look and feel. Using their branded colors, the mural invites us to move from the main space to the kitchen area.

The last mural is located in the kitchen, where we used the same concept of the main space artwork, but instead of using the negative space, the doodles are actually creating the logo, and since this one is located in the kitchen, the theme is around food. So more burgers, hot dogs and fries - all the fun stuff!

We had a wonderful time working with the Explainly team and we hope to continue to collaborate with them. Stay tuned!
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