PayPal HQ, San Jose

Office spaces
San Jose
Art advisor Danielle W. brought us an exciting opportunity to create a hand-painted mural for her client, PayPal's corporate office in San Jose. The brief required us to incorporate the city's main landmarks into the design of two walls, each spanning 34 feet, using distinct color schemes. After careful consideration, we chose to use blue and orange tones that harmonize with PayPal's brand colors.
To ensure that the mural design had a clean and impactful look, we decided to adopt a minimalistic approach. This approach allowed us to streamline the design while maintaining the essential elements, such as the city's skyline and landmarks, to create a powerful visual impact. We added a busy street silhouette in the foreground to ground the artwork and prevent it from appearing detached from the surrounding environment.
Overall, we are thrilled with the outcome of this project and proud to have contributed to PayPal's workspace with a stunning mural that captures the essence of San Jose's iconic landmarks.
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