Brex HQ - Anamorphic Mural

Office spaces
San Francisco
When Brex approached Wall and Wall mural company to create a 3D mural, we jumped at the opportunity. Based in San Francisco, Brex is a company that is revolutionizing B2B financial products, starting with a corporate card for technology companies. They are innovative and forward-thinking, so we knew we had to create a clever wall mural that would reflect their brand.
We came up with the idea of transforming their logo into an anamorphic mural that would stretch across their entire entry hallway. Our team of skilled mural artists found a way to extend the imagery across an impressive 153', which seamlessly comes together at one specific viewing point.
As you step out of the elevator lobby, you are greeted with the branded orange covering parts of the hallway. Once you reach the specific spot near the reception desk, the image comes together to form the Brex logo, creating a stunning 3D effect. This office mural is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who walks through the hallway, embodying the company's innovative and visionary spirit.
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