HOC MedscapeLIVE!, San Francisco

Event painting
San Francisco, CA.
One Chance Media

MedscapeLIVE!, an event company specializing in virtual gatherings, commissioned us to create a live broadcasted mural for their December event. To engage attendees, we developed a unique approach that allowed them to participate by submitting their thoughts on the theme of "CARDIOLOGY" via an online form. These contributions were then integrated into the mural alongside meaningful words that aligned with MedscapeLIVE!'s mission and values.

To ensure the piece fit seamlessly with the event's guidelines, we crafted a design that showcased an educational section featuring an EKG historical timeline. The final result was completed in two sessions: one for the graphic layout and the second for the attendee submissions. The piece not only highlighted the attendees' contributions but also conveyed MedscapeLIVE!'s passion for health and medicine.

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