2U - Virtual Event

Event painting
Lanham, MD
When 2U approached us to create a mural for their virtual event, we knew we had to deliver something truly unique and engaging. With the help of our talented collaborator, One Chance Media, we set out to create a custom mural that not only fit with 2U's branding, but also incorporated an interactive component that would engage virtual attendees in a meaningful way.
Using a submission tool that we provided, attendees were asked to answer the question, "What does no back row mean to you?" The responses were then incorporated into the mural by painting them directly onto the canvas, creating a collaborative piece that generated over 200 submissions and truly spoke to 2U's employees and values.
We carefully selected colors, design elements, and imagery that perfectly complemented 2U's brand and message, resulting in a stunning visual display that was live-recorded and broadcast during the event. The final mural not only served as a beautiful backdrop for the virtual conference, but also provided a memorable and engaging experience for attendees.
We were proud to work with 2U and One Chance Media to create a piece of art that not only showcased our artistic abilities, but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and community. The final product was a testament to the power of creativity and connection in a virtual setting.
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