Pared HQ

Office spaces
San Francisco, CA.
It's not uncommon for businesses to outgrow their office spaces or move locations every few years. Pared, a leading restaurant and hospitality staffing solution, was seeking a unique solution that would allow their branding to remain consistent, no matter where they went. To meet this challenge, we created a custom painted office mural that showcases Pared's logo in a whole new way.
Our team of professional mural painters incorporated our well-known doodle drawings to bring all the elements that make Pared a successful company into this custom fabricated logo. Additionally, Wall and Wall installed beautifully cut PVC lettering to highlight Pared's core values, "Heard, Behind, Soigne." The combination of the splashes of color in the Pared logo and the black and white doodles creates a striking balance against the branded green background.
Our muralists take great pride in this project, as it embodies the true essence of Pared and will continue to be a part of their brand, even as they evolve and grow in the future.
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