Alibaba Interactive Mural

Interactive murals
Office spaces
Alibaba Group
Sunnyvale, CA
Osman Koç

Alibaba, one of the world's largest e-commerce websites, approached Wall and Wall mural painters for their Bay Area office, with the goal of exploring new retail experiences in both online and offline shopping. While technology has been employed in offline shopping malls in Hong Kong and China, large digital screens and overwhelming graphics can feel impersonal. Our aim was to incorporate technology in a user-friendly manner, providing a more tactile experience.

During the design phase, we wanted to convey several key aspects through the art piece. We selected product categories that are popular and common throughout all malls, but generic enough to be expanded for specific brands. Our focus categories included clothing, shoes, beauty, baby/kids, accessories, home decor, and pets.

Next, we moved on to the interactive elements. Our mural artists incorporated a range of interactivity in this piece, including sound, sound and light combinations, and dimming light, providing a taste of the possibilities of interactive technology. When viewers touch the painted objects, they activate sounds that tell the story of the product.

This interactive mural is versatile and can be used in various scenarios, such as retail design, office lobbies, demo rooms, airports, and events. It seamlessly integrates technology and innovation into a space without being too digital or overwhelming. The playful sounds and colorful shapes draw people in, providing a delightful experience in a unique way.

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