Joe Geis Mural

Office spaces
Joe Geis
San Francisco, CA.

At Wall and Wall, we were thrilled to partner with Joe Geis, the Global Head of Art and Graphics at WeWork, on a personal mural project for a client in San Francisco.

This project was a unique opportunity for us to work with Joe, and together we created an impressive 16-foot-tall exterior mural. The client wanted to add a pop of color to their backyard patio and the height to see the mural from the second-floor windows, and we were able to deliver exactly what they wanted.

Joe's bright colors and playful shapes completely transformed the space into the ultimate place to host family and friends. The mural's vibrant energy creates a joyful and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any gathering or event.

This project was not only about creating a beautiful mural but also about bringing people together and creating a space where they can connect and enjoy each other's company. We were honored to work with Joe and deliver a project that exceeded the client's expectations, making their backyard a more colorful and welcoming place.

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