Prologis Container Signage

Office spaces
Tracy, CA.
Prologis' new retail buildings in development at their Tracy location called for innovative signage to announce the new development. They needed a simple, yet effective design that could be easily seen from afar. They tasked us with creating a mural featuring big, bold letters painted on a 40-foot-long container.
To kick off the project, we met with the Prologis team to identify the main purpose of the mural, the content they wanted to feature, and what graphic elements they wanted to see. While the overall design is simple, this was our first time working with a freight container, and the corrugated walls presented a new challenge. Despite this, we were able to complete the project within 5 days.
The final project consists of a 40'x8'1/2 front face and a lateral wall of 8'1/2x8'1/2. We are thrilled with the end result, and we're sure that the mural will effectively catch the attention of anyone passing by Prologis' new development.
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