Capital One - Pop-Up Shop

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Capital One
San Francisco, CA.
Capital One, one of the leading banks in the US, partnered with Wall and Wall mural company to design a brand activation event for their San Francisco office in collaboration with their Innovation Team. The primary objective was to revitalize the space and create a vibrant atmosphere for the occasion by incorporating custom wall murals designed by Wall and Wall.
To align with the theme of the event, which centered around the must-have gadgets that anyone can use in their daily lives, we decided to use playful doodles as the central artwork throughout the space. Our team of skilled artists and muralists designed the event cards and brought the walls to life by painting fun and creative doodles that spanned the entire event space. The artwork started from the large exterior glass mirrors, continued up the entrance stairs, and adorned the four stages that were prepared for the guests and Capital One staff.
We are proud to have collaborated with Capital One's Innovation Team to create an unforgettable experience for the attendees. Our great team of professionals brought their excellent ideas to life, and their execution was flawless, resulting in a successful and impactful event that captured the essence of Capital One's brand identity.
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