Google - From Above Series

Office spaces
San Francisco, CA.
Gensler Architects
“From Above” is a series of murals inspired by locations in California and their geographical lines and patterns. Observing a point from above allows us to see shapes and patterns that are otherwise hidden from the human eye. We can see silhouettes and repetitions of color that create balanced and harmonic compositions. We were inspired by focal points on maps that contained interesting textures or shapes which we then framed and reenvisioned in a more abstract form. We imagined rivers and roads as undulating lines and land pieces and coastlines as geometric figures. The aim of this series is to imbue the spectator with a sense of dynamism through the use of shapes and colors.
The process began by finding a location on a map and determining an aesthetic composition of the image. During the design process, we simplified the shapes on the map and invented abstract forms of the images. When the design was ready, we created a color palette that complements the physical space that the mural inhabits. During the painting process, the geometric shapes were taped to achieve sharp, clean edges. The curved lines across the murals were done freehand to create a juxtaposition between static and dynamic forms.
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