San Francisco, CA | 2016

Luxe, the trending on-demand valet service app based in San Francisco, reached out to Wall and Wall about designing murals for their new space in the SOMA district. They were looking to add elements of fun and color in their new digs to showcase their brand to both employees and visitors.

After an intense brainstorming session, we selected the most impactful walls and agreed on designs that represented their growing presence around the country as well as their most iconic transportation method: the scooter! This last mural was done using the “supergraphic” technique, where the full image surpasses the actual limits of the wall.

For the meeting rooms, Luxe thought is would be fun to bring in the element of family into the space and had Wall and Wall paint portraits of team members’ dogs.

Last, but not least, the “Luxe blue” background color was used to complete the corporate look of the new Luxe headquarters, which helped to tie in the remaining walls!



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