Palo Alto, CA | 2016

Wall and Wall was honored to partner with Medable, a medical mobile app company based in Palo Alto with offices worldwide. Medable allows healthcare companies to easily build secure, doctor-patient communication into their mobile applications, breaking down the barriers to healthcare innovation. Wall and Wall was hired by Medable to help give a new heartbeat to their new Palo Alto headquarters office design. 

We first designed and created custom PVC signage featuring the Medable logo and company name to welcome guests in the offices. Being that the company is focused on everything medical, our mural artists put their heads together to come up with a fun operating room wall mural using a style that is quickly becoming popular with Wall and Wall clients: a flat base color with linework and shadow to create a 3-D quality. The back wall of the office features a mural design composed of Medable’s cloud branding and logo. The design outcome was a transformed office space full of hand-painted murals that bring the white walls to life.




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