Palo Alto, CA | 2016

Medable is a service that allows healthcare companies to easily build secure, doctor-patient communication into their mobile applications, or create new applications for the purpose of doing so. Based in Palo Alto, California, with offices around the world, they help breakdown the barriers to healthcare innovation.

Wall and Wall were honored to partner with Medable to help give a heartbeat to their new Palo Alto headquarters. 

The first thing you see as you enter is their logo and company name installed on their main entrance wall using PVC. Being that the company is focused on everything medical, Medable and Wall and Wall put their heads together to come up with a fun operating room mural using a style that is quickly becoming popular with Wall and Wall clients: a flat base color acts as the backdrop to this hospital scene that pops due to its 3-D quality. Top it off with a human body, and it’s clear to see within which industry Medable falls.

The back wall is adorned with Medable’s cloud branding and painted logo. 

But wait, there’s one more! The ‘writing’s on the wall’, and anyone can do it. Enabling Medable employees to use markers on the walls is as easy as 1-2-3 with a special solution that turns walls into white boards.




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