San Francisco, CA | 2016

Thumbtack is a San Francisco based startup that helps you find and hire experienced professionals at a price that’s right for you. We’re all about working with our clients to make sure they get what they want, just like Thumbtack’s business model.

Wall and Wall designed a large wall display for the Thumbtack office main conference room. Since Thumbtack's team is full of young entrepreneurs like Wall and Wall, we went for something fun and fresh using their branded color, orange. Also, the panel has the shape of a thumbtack, their corporate logo. We thought about the different personal project needs and incorporated these images inside the thumbtack. Photography, baking, learning how to play a musical instrument, fitness, pet-sitting…you name it, we thought of it. 

The thumbtack logo is a medium density fiberboard cut-out using a jigsaw. It was painted orange and then the project images were painted over the top using a thin brush with white paint. Simple, yet playful and effective.



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